Love and Silence

Love and Silence

Remember when you fell in love with someone. How a stranger can become so known that it feels like you know that person very well. Love is like magical feelings. It’s not about beauty and body or anything. It is like you fell in love with that person as they are with their everything, every part, with their soul. And when that person’s every little actions and behavior started to affect you. Also, you began to understand their slight change in their mood swings.

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In smiling, you began to understand their sadness and when they become silent you started to think what is wrong. It doesn’t matter you talk a lot or nothing. Its like world of feelings that you began to understand their every mood swings. And if somehow when your eyes meet with that person’s eyes, it’s like the whole world around you vanishes and doesn’t exist.

Couple lovePerhaps someone said it beautifully that.. “eyes are the path towards soul”.. and when two hearts beating for each other, the frequency is that strong which matches with each other. That eye contact becomes more intimate than any words.

You began to understand the lyrics of every song you listen to and when their face only in your mind. Its like beautiful feelings and why it shouldn’t be, because love is the strongest force in the universe.

But why some time or in some case everything become so messed up and confusion takes place and we don’t do anything and just become silent. Maybe we don’t understand what to do or not to do and whether our feelings are right or wrong. We began to doubt what if that person doesn’t feel the same way. When these questions arise, the mind gives every logic that you should stop, you shouldn’t try, you shouldn’t say.

But there is screaming in that silence that is so loud and painful that only you can understand.

Just think about it when you love someone so much but you can’t tell and you act always weird like you don’t care but deep inside your heart knows what’s here.

But we humans are so strange, we are so fearful to show our emotions and feelings. We fear what if everything goes wrong. This happens when you aren’t sure and confusions take you to the core.


why we don't take actionsI think in love, some people talk about that ego and one’s own attitude is the cause of an unsuccessful relationship. But if you really have care and love for someone then there shouldn’t be ego. And your tough attitude whom you are showing it, the person you love…really but why? Sometimes It is our own misunderstanding and misjudgment which goes wrong. If you love someone, you’ll always love that person unless it goes very badly or that person betrayed you but its a different case.

But what if you couldn’t tell and confusions stop you everytime from taking any actions and feels like it paralyzes you. And then you began to distance yourself and eventually quit trying.

So many of us are very fearless but when it comes to the matter of love…why we fear so much?

It is better to say than left unsaid. When you know and understand just go and tell that person what you feel about them. And when you are not sure and need time then take your time, gain some clarity but don’t make it too long otherwise everything started to fade. And if somehow if you let that person know what you feel but you aren’t getting the response as you thought you would be and always feels like that person wants to make distances from you then Just keep yourself aside but with love and nothing else.

Never be ashamed of your feelings cause feelings is to show not to hide. Love is all about to explore, to express. We shouldn’t try to hide it otherwise It becomes painful.


Love always remains, it will always be there somewhere in your heart and you know it, but maybe in some case sometimes it just becomes silent and left unsaid. But what if that other person also wants it, how you will know if you both fearful and shy enough to fully show it. Then it must be one of you to fully open about it, and if that person is also interested then that person will also begin to open. And if not then you will know it too. But always respect and accept their response. Let it come with love and let it go with just LOVE.

Just remember these times, these moments, these days will never come back so never let go anything easily or become silent if the music for that person in your heart is so loud that you can’t think of anyone else.

One of the beautiful quote by Woody Allen-

“The heart wants what it wants. There’s no logic to these things.

                      You meet someone and you fall in love and that’s that.”

It’s so true, the heart knows what it wants…Listen to it and what it says. Don’t suppress it just try to understand it and then always try to show it, don’t hide it.






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